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AirTurn BT-105 Bluetooth Page Turner

CODE: BT-105

Price : $69.00

Wireless foot pedal for Apple iPad, Windows and Mac

AirTurn PED

Price : $69.00

The AirTurn PED is the perfect controller for Bluetooth SMART READY-equipped Mac, PC, iPad or Android Tablet.
Take control of music reading, scrolling lyrics or guitar tabs, teleprompting, slide presentations, instrument effects or media control, and more.

Note: Bluetooth SMART READY required on host tablet or computer.


Foot Pedal - BiliPro Footime Page Turner - PC / Mac / Apple iPad

CODE: FT10-01

Price : $49.00

2-button pedal with sturdy metal base and LED lights. This pedal can provide hands free page turning, both forwards and backward. The small LED lights help you see and locate the pedal in the dark. Firm rubber pads under the pedal avoid shifting on floor. This pedal is connected to the USB-port of the computer and is compatible with other software which uses the page-up/-down keys.

AirTurn AT-104 - Wireless Page Turning Device

CODE: AT-104

Price : $49.95

The AT-104 Wireless Page Turning Device simplifies turning pages for digital music scores. This unit will work with most momentary switches that have a 1/4" audio plug. The AT-104 will sense whether the switch is normally open or closed (often referred to as polarity in...[more]