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Try MusicReader PDF 4.0 for free before you buy it!
On this page you can download the latest MusicReader version with all features present in MusicReader Solo Pro.
There are seperate downloads for new and existing users.


For New Users:


The evaluation download contains all features, but can only be used 60 times.
An evaluation notice will appear only at startup of the application.

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Your MR3.0 license can't be installed with MR4, even if you ordered a free upgrade.
Please wait for your new license, if you ordered an upgrade or have a free one then you will receive it soon.


For Existing Users*:

Click here to download MusicReader

(96 MB)

Last update: February 7th 2014
(version 4.94)
Requires Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8/ 10.

Click here to download MusicReader

(100 MB)

Last update: February 7th 2014
(version 4.94)
Requires Mac OS X v.10.5/10.6/10.7

* = For a new installation you will need your personal license file.

Improvements v.4.94 for Windows / Mac

  • MusicReader now support 4-pedal AirTurn products.
    You can use these pedals to turn pages, navigate through playlist and start/stop music.
    (Windows / Mac / iPad-iOS6+)
  • In the settings we have added a "Increase Font Size" options for users that require larger text to be able to read it. (Windows / Mac only)
  • Many small improvements suggested by users.

Improvements v.4.90 for Windows / Mac

• Improved speed.
• Lower memory usage
• Improved display quality for vector-based PDFs
• Many small improvements based on user feedback.

Improvements v.4.80 for Windows / Mac

- improved library indexing
- corrupt file problem solved.
- improved image import in MusicConvert.
- a large number of small adjustment on user request