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Price : $69.00

The AirTurn PED is the perfect controller for Bluetooth SMART READY-equipped Mac, PC, iPad or Android Tablet.
Take control of music reading, scrolling lyrics or guitar tabs, teleprompting, slide presentations, instrument effects or media control, and more.

Note: Bluetooth SMART READY required on host tablet or computer.


AirTurn Manos Universal Tablet Mount


Price : $49.00

How do you hold an iPad? How do you hold a Mini? How do you hold an Android? AirTurn MANOS can hold anything from a smartphone to a 13 inch tablet!

AirTurn Quad


Price : $149.00

Do More With Four. Turn pages, navigatee setlists, transpose keys, toggle backing tracks, trigger metronomes, and even control guitar/bass/amp effects. This AirTurn QUAD 4-pedal board comes with the AirTurn Bluetooth transceiver, 4 ATFS-2 black silent pedals that connect to the transceiver, the AirTurn non-slip pedal board, and a USB recharging cable. The Bluetooth transceiver may be easily removed for use with other applications.



Price : $69.00

The AirTurn BT-105 Digit is a revolutionary wireless controller that combines foot pedal compatibility with handheld control. A silent, tactile button set provides the ability to turn pages, control teleprompter apps, and advance presentation slides, as well as media control for iTunes on all iOS devices including iTunes for Mac and PC, and the ability to control iOS cameras for remote video and picture snapshots. For hands free pedal control, two 3.5mm (1/8 inch) stereo ports can connect to momentary, non-latching normally open (NO) pedals and switches that replicate the handset button controls (pedals sold separately).

Foot Pedal - BiliPro Footime Page Turner - PC / Mac / Apple iPad (OUT OF STOCK, contact us for info)

CODE: FT10-01

Price : $49.00

2-button pedal with sturdy metal base and LED lights. This pedal can provide hands free page turning, both forwards and backward. The small LED lights help you see and locate the pedal in the dark. Firm rubber pads under the pedal avoid shifting on floor. This pedal is connected to the USB-port of the computer and is compatible with other software which uses the page-up/-down keys.

Bite / Tongue Switch


Price : $49.00

If you need both hands and feet free to play your instrument, you can use a bite switch to turn your pages. It utilizes a very gentle bite to operate the AirTurn DIGIT/BT-106 and is extremely easy to use. The Bite Switch is comprised of a durable, sealed tubular switch assembly measuring 1.5 inches long by 1/4 inch diameter, a 36 inch coaxial wire, and a 3.5mm plug. During use, the switch is placed in the mouth with the wire pointing either to the right or left. NOTE: Please be sure to also order a AirTurn DIGIT/BT-106.

AirTurn TAP


Price : $149.95

The AirTurn TAP provides a piezo interface that takes a light tap from a finger or drum stick to trigger an event.
Using all the same featues as the BT-105 series Transceiver, the TAP brings easy-to-use page turning and events to drummers and other active percussion players.
Comes with all mounting hardware to mount on any post up to 1.5 inches in diameter at any angle.



Price : $25.00

The Cosmonaut was born out of our desire to have a really great stylus for our iPads. We love to sketch out quick ideas or doodle on our tablets, and using a stylus is much better than a finger for such tasks. The problem is, all the styluses on the market are designed to look and feel like a pen. But why? Writing or drawing on the iPad feels nothing like using a pen or pencil. The perfect tablet stylus is one that feels like a dry erase marker: fast, simple, low fidelity.

So that's what we designed. The shaft has a comfortable rubber grip that feels great to hold for people of all ages, including children and the elderly. We took great care in finding a material for the tip that is responsive and glides effortlessly over the glass screen. The Cosmonaut will work on nearly every capacitive touch screen device, including the iPad and iPhone. Designed and manufactured in America.