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AirTurn AT-104 - Wireless Page Turning Device

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CODE: AT-104
Price: $39.95
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The AT-104 Wireless Page Turning Device simplifies turning pages for digital music scores. This unit will work with most momentary switches that have a 1/4" audio plug. The AT-104 will sense whether the switch is normally open or closed (often referred to as polarity in music switches).


  • Easy to use with no software to install! Simply plug the receiver into the USB port of your Windows or MAC PC and connect the transmitter with your favorite momentary foot pedals or switches.
  • Functions with any software that turns pages using the PageUp and PageDown keys, including PDFs, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and most music reader programs.
  • Can be used with one pedal switch to turn forward only or with two pedals to turn forward and backward.
  • Compatible with a wide range of pedals and footswitches for single or bi-directional page turns. (Requires momentary switch pedal - sold separately - with a 1/4" audio mono/stereo cable for each pedal)
  • Each transmitter/receiver is paired with a unique ID, so multiple devices may be used in a room together.


OS Support: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, MAC OS 9, 10
Electrical: (Radio) Voltage 1.5v (2-1.5v AA in parallel)
2.4 ghz transmission
Transmitter wake-up with either pedal depress
65,000 unique pairing IDs
One ¼" stereo jack connects to PG/DN PG/UP function
One ¼" mono jack connects to PG/UP function
Operating 0°C to - 42°C 20% to 90% relative humidity
One Year Warranty- Made in Korea

Compatible switches

Some switches have varying degrees of debounce or poor contacts, these switches are known to be compatible: 

Manufacturer Model Pedal Type Notes
Boss FS-5 General Switch Has polarity switch
Boss FS-6 General Dual Switch Has polarity and latching switch
Live Wire Solutions LWS 250 Keyboard Damper works with PS-10 setting
Roland DP-2 Keyboard Damper  
VFP 1/10 Keyboard Damper For Casio, Korg, Ansonia, Fatar keyboards





2 ATFS2 and Pedal Board (optional)

This AirTurn pedal kit comes with the AirTurn AT-104 Transmitter, Receiver, 2 AirTurn ATFS-2 single pedals, pedal board and 2 cables to connect the transmitter and pedals. Simply plug the cables into the transmitter and you are ready for convenient page turning.

The advantages of this selection include a single set of lightweight yet very durable pedals, with no batteries needed for the pedals. In addition, the AirTurn ATFS2 pedals are designed to be the quietest foot switches on the market.

 Important note: This set is designed to work with MusicReader and other applications that have the ability to control switch debounce. If you wisht to use it with standard documents on your computer, you will have to turn on Filter Keys to control debounce. Complete instructions are provided with the kit.

Compatible with Windows Vista and 7 only - not compatible with Windows XP


Boss FS-5U Pedal (optional)

This AirTurn pedal kit comes with the AirTurn AT-104 Transmitter, Receiver, Boss FS-5 single pedal and a patch cable to connect the transmitter and pedal. Simply plug the cable into the right side of the transmitter and the jack of the FS-5U pedal and you are ready for

convenient page turning.

The advantage to this selection is a single lightweight, yet very durable pedal, with no battery needed for the pedal. It is primarily for musicians who want to have a single pedal to turn pages forward only while keeping a discrete profile during performances.

You can also add two of these pedals to your order and attach them for forward and backward turning.





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