your device(s) into an electronic music stand,
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MusicReader is the complete solution for your sheet music needs across all your compatible devices, such as tablets, laptops, phones, and desktop computers. Whether you're on iPad, iPhone (iOS), Windows 10/11, Android, ChromeOS, or macOS, MusicReader turns it into a digital music stand!

The MusicReader platform offers a range of features, designed especially for musicians, tailored to assist with preparation, rehearsals, and live performances.
It's the perfect companion for soloists, ensemble members, and orchestra players alike.


Key Features of MusicReader App:

  • Offline Capabilities: The App operates fully offline without the need for an internet connection. (Few exceptions apply; see below)
  • Customizable Music Library: Easily sort, search, and customize your music collection.
  • Versatile Display Options: Choose between full, half, or dual page views.
  • Enhanced Page Turning: Experience the convenience of half-page turns.
  • In-app Annotations: Use pencil, marker, text, and symbols to mark your scores. Includes support for direct annotations with digital pens.
  • Hands-free page turning: Use foot pedals or the integrated automatic timer.
  • Integrated Music Tools: A built-in music player, metronome, sound recorder, and more are at your fingertips.
  • Half-Page View: Provides a larger display of notes, enhancing accessibility for visually impaired musicians.
  • Inverted Colors: Features white notes on a black background to reduce light emission from the screen and serve as an additional solution for visually impaired musicians.

But that's not all. MusicReader also offers a cloud account for seamless music management:

  • Cross-device Synchronization: Always have the same sheet music on hand.
  • Easy Music Transfers: Upload and move sheet music effortlessly.
  • Secure Backups: Store your music safely in the cloud.
  • Music Sharing: Share sheet music with fellow musicians.
  • Diverse File Support: Import image, eBook, and audio files.
  • Direct Mailbox: Email files straight to your MusicReader.
  • Web-based Management: Control your collection through the MusicReader website.