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Key Features of MusicReader App:

  • Offline Capabilities: The App operates fully offline without the need for an internet connection. (Few exceptions apply; see below)
  • Customizable Music Library: Easily sort, search, and customize your music collection.
  • Versatile Display Options: Choose between full, half, or dual page views.
  • Enhanced Page Turning: Experience the convenience of half-page turns.
  • In-app Annotations: Use pencil, marker, text, and symbols to mark your scores. Includes support for direct annotations with digital pens.
  • Hands-free page turning: Use foot pedals or the integrated automatic timer.
  • Integrated Music Tools: A built-in music player, metronome, sound recorder, and more are at your fingertips.
  • Half-Page View: Provides a larger display of notes, enhancing accessibility for visually impaired musicians.
  • Inverted Colors: Features white notes on a black background to reduce light emission from the screen and serve as an additional solution for visually impaired musicians.

But that's not all. MusicReader also offers a cloud account for seamless music management:

  • Cross-device Synchronization: Always have the same sheet music on hand.
  • Easy Music Transfers: Upload and move sheet music effortlessly.
  • Secure Backups: Store your music safely in the cloud.
  • Music Sharing: Share sheet music with fellow musicians.
  • Diverse File Support: Import image, eBook, and audio files.
  • Direct Mailbox: Email files straight to your MusicReader.
  • Web-based Management: Control your collection through the MusicReader website.