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A comparison available Touch PCs:

Size: Screen size in inches, determines the size in which the sheet music will be displayed.
12" is large enough for displaying sheet music, smaller screens are not recommended.

Resolution of the screen.
The screen can be 4:3 (normal) or 16:10/16:9 (widescreen).

Pen/ Touch:

Digitizer pen for operating the screen (Pen).
Touchscreen - Finger and pen can be used to operate these screen. (Touch)


More cells are recommended, have a longer battery life.
Actual battery life also depends on the system usage.
Some systems can have an optional additional battery.

Weight: Weight of the device in lbs and kg - actual weight can differ depending
on actual configuration.
Price: Starting price of this model.

These specifications are only for comparison of the models,
when you order a Touch PC you should always check the specifications given by the shop.
If there are any errors in this comparison please let us know.

Leoné MusicReader B.V. doesn't offer Touch PCs, you are adviced to buy them from your local retailer.


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AirTurn Quad


Price : $149.00

Do More With Four. Turn pages, navigatee setlists, transpose keys, toggle backing tracks, trigger metronomes, and even control guitar/bass/amp effects. This AirTurn QUAD 4-pedal board comes with the AirTurn Bluetooth transceiver, 4 ATFS-2 black silent pedals that connect to the transceiver, the AirTurn non-slip pedal board, and a USB recharging cable. The Bluetooth transceiver may be easily removed for use with other applications.